Welcome! Located in Falmouth, Cape Cod, Eastman's Sport & Tackle is your complete hunting and fishing source. From equipment to advice, we can assure that you make the most out of your leisure ... and get the most mileage out of your wallet. We carry all the name brand rods, reels and lures, but don't forget our extensive inventory of shellfishing, hunting, and firearms gear. Eastman's is also your neighborhood tackle repair shop; bring in your reels for seasonal service. Tight lines!
fishing reel tune up

Time For A Reel Tune-Up

It's not to early to start thinking about the upcoming fishing season. A good way to start your preparation is to make sure your tackle is in tip-top shape. Many anglers prefer to bring their reels to the "experts" at Eastmans. We strip off the old line, disassemble, check, clean and replace any broken parts. Each reel goes through a hydrosonic acid bath that removes salt and grime and is carefully lubricated and reassembled. For new line, we'll spool your reels with traditional monofilament, the new braided lines, such as Power Pro, leadcore or wire. Bringing your reels in now will insure you'll have them when the fish arrive.

Guide or tip for fishing rod repair

Need A Guide Or A Tip?

If you fish enough you'll eventually need to replace a guide or tip on even the most expensive rods. We can bring your well-used rods back to near original condition by replacing broken or grooved tips and guides. Each guide will be hand-wrapped with matching threads and then sealed with a clear-drying epoxy cement. Like with reels, it's always a good idea to check your rods now and bring them in early for any needed repairs.

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Putting It All Together

Now that your tackle is ready to go, winter is a good time to inventory your tackle boxes and stock up on your favorite lures. We're replenishing our stock with all the traditional salt and freshwater tackle, along with many of the new rods, reels and baits being introduced for 2017. And we'll be getting even more in the weeks and months ahead. Even if you're not dropping off reels or rods for service, winter is a good time to check out our fishing tackle offerings.